EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) is one of the most recent methods for solving varicose vein diseases.
This operation is performed under tumescent anesthesia (local administration of a diluted solution of local anesthetic) which leaves the patient awake throughout the operation and able to communicate with the attending surgeon.

The surgeon first verifies the location suitable for the placement of the laser probe with an ultrasound probe.
Through the puncture wound, the surgeon places a probe to the mouth of the treated vein into the deep venous system.
After that, a laser which emits heat is turned on and the treated vein is “closed”.
The operation ends in the removal of varicose veins, also through mini-incisions.

The patient goes home about 20 minutes after the operation. The first follow-up examination is performed within three days of the intervention. For the next two weeks, the patient must wear an elastic bandage on the operated leg.


Authors: Babić-Matić