Continuing medical education (CME) for health workers and health associates at the Dedinje Institute is organized in order to continuously improve professional knowledge, in order to maintain and improve skills and competencies in the provision of health services. The Department of Continuing Medical Education was established in October 2009. The concept and plan of education that was made at that time changed over the years and was supplemented in accordance with the legal provisions and the needs of modern medicine. The goal of continuous education is to expand knowledge and acquire practical skills and follow trends in the process of health care in cardiovascular patients. There are 17 nurses in the education team. In addition to the head nurses of the clinics, there are also responsible nurses. Every month, the education team holds professional meetings according to the plan and program for the current year, and in accordance with the regulations of the Chamber of Health Workers and the Health Council of Serbia. Education at the Institute is realized in three levels. All nurses have passed some of the levels depending on the length of service. Educated: nurses, technicians, trainees, volunteers who are preparing for the state exam. Nurses who pass the first level, higher level of education perform further circulation at the Clinic. Since the beginning of 2017, four professional meetings have been held as part of external education, four more professional meetings have been accredited, as well as two courses from the Health Council of Serbia. Within the internal education, a plan of education of nurses – technicians from intensive care and anesthetists is being implemented. Also, within the internal education, there is an annual education plan for 2017, the implementation of which includes all departments and clinics. They are also held by the School of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, the School of Ultrasound and the School of Intensive Care as part of internal education. Internal and external education at the Institute is closely connected so that all employed technicians and nurses receive a complete professional training in the cardiovascular field, which serves as an excellent recommendation.