The accelerated development of modern medicine requires continuous education and training in all areas. In order to keep pace, we have developed programs of multidisciplinary continuous education and training, in various forms (lectures, confrontations, seminars) for nurses and technicians, young doctors and technicians of the perfusion department.

At the same time, simulation learning programs are taking place:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for all employees, securing the airway and intensive treatment. New education programs are being prepared.

Education of nurses / medical technicians according to the following modules:

  • Theoretical education module – 16 lectures with practical exercises (provided by medical doctors and nurse educators – head nurses) – according to the preset program (once a week)
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation module – Lectures, exercises and clinical scenarios for the implementation of CPR (provided by medical doctors and nurse educators – head nurses) – module lasts for seven weekdays – the education of the second group is in progress.

Classes take place according to the established schedule:

  • In the first group are nurses and technicians of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care (Department of Anesthesia and Department of Intensive Care) and the Coronary Unit.
  • It will then be implemented for nurses/technicians of all clinics and departments.

Education of young medical doctors

Theoretical education module

It is carried out by young doctors with mentors/educators according to the planned program of the Education Team (once a week).

32 lectures are planned until October 7, 2021 for 46 young doctors.

In preparation Cardiopulmonary resuscitation module with a program lasting 5-6 working days (training of educators is in progress).

The start of work with the first group of young doctors of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Care is being prepared, and all the participants of the education will be included.

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