The Cardiac Surgery Medical Advisory Board is the Heart Team, the single body of the Institute Dedinje. In general, it is composed of: a cardiac surgeon, an invasive cardiologist, an invasive radiologist and a clinical cardiologist on a daily basis. If necessary, it can also include: anesthesiologist, vascular surgeon, intensivist and all other specialties that are needed at that particular moment. On a daily basis the Advisory Board makes decisions on the treatment of patients who are already admitted for hospital treatment at our Institute and those who come to our outpatient units: cardiac, cardiac surgery, vascular, echocardiography, arrhythmology and ergometry. The uniqueness of our Heart Team lies in the fact that it is open to making decisions based on the procedures performed in other institutions throughout Serbia and the wider region. Due to this, the Institute Dedinje has created a significant list of determined indications, based on which a waiting list is compiled (ALL patients who submitted documentation based on examinations and procedures performed are entered into this list), which includes all these patients.

The coordinator of the work of the council, Dragana Šarenac, MD sci med, spec. of internal medicine, subspecialist of cardiology.


It is necessary to submit appropriate and complete documentation so that the Medical Advisory Board could make valid and correct decisions on further treatment.

The documentation required to obtain the opinion of the Cardiac Surgery Medical Advisory Board includes the following:

  • Referral letter for specialist examination (for patients residing outside Belgrade, it needs to be verified by the competent health insurance fund)
  • Patients may be referred by an internist (general) and cardiologist
  • Coronary angiography imaging: preferably stored on a CD. If this is not possible, USB flash drive is a viable option.
  • Heart ultrasound imaging (TTE)
  • Prior medical documentation
    • discharge note from the institution where the coronary angiography was performed
    • echocardiographic findings
    • MDCT finding, if available
    • MANDATORY report by a medical specialist on the CURRENT clinical condition of the patient (for the purpose of risk stratification and determining appropriate
    • time frame-timing-treatment)
    • specialist report and/or discharge note referring to OTHER diseases that the patient is being treated for, regardless of whether these are chronic or
    • acute conditions
    • information on possible allergies to medications
    • all other relevant documentation that could affect the decision-making process
    • It is advisable to provide a report on the recent laboratory blood count analysis and basic biochemistry
    • Ro pulmo, read or stored on a disc

The decision of the Medical Advisory Board provided in the form of an opinion of the Cardiac Surgery Medical Advisory Board (in its specific form) is delivered to the patient within 7 days. The documentation can be taken over at the main counter of the Institute. It often happens that additional diagnostics, examination, findings are required, which the Medical Advisory Board requests in order to make a decision. In this case the documentation is given back to the patient for additional analyses. Patients who are waiting for the decision on further course of their treatment should not get confused in this situation. They need to conduct the required analyses and provide relevant findings, sometimes on several occasions, all in order to obtain an accurate decision on further course of their treatment.


You can submit/take over the documentation intended for the Cardiac Surgery Medical Advisory Board at the main counter of the Institute every weekday:

Collection of documentation from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Contact details


  • Call center of the Dedinje Institute 011 3601 700