The Vascular Council is a highly specialized team that meets daily to make decisions about the treatment of patients with vascular diseases. Members of the council are vascular surgeons, radiologists, angiologists, neurologists, and cardiologists.

Based on the examination of the treating vascular surgeon and the findings of appropriate diagnostics (CT and MR angiography), individualized treatment decisions are made for each patient. Also, the degree of urgency of the indicated interventions is determinedin relation to the nature of the disease and the accommodation capacities of our clinic, so patients are put on waiting lists.

Patients are informed about the council’s decision by phone, a few days after its adoption. If further hospital treatment is necessary, the patient will be promptly informed about the hospitalization date and the necessary documentation they need to provide. For any additional information, patients can contact the competent vascular surgeons during their outpatient day.

Contact details


  • Call center of the Dedinje Institute 011 3601 700