The “Dedinje” Institute and its vascular surgery clinic were awarded a certificate that will enable this institution, recognized for its exceptionality, to open a school for the application of the laser method in the treatment of venous system diseases. The title of authorized instructor for this laser method was awarded to doc. Dr. Predrag Matic, who will be the main educator at the future school, where interested doctors from Serbia and the wider region will learn the application of the laser method in the treatment of venous system diseases. Marc Richly and Istvan Patkos from the prominent European company for laser technology and laser vein treatment – Biolitec, and its exclusive representative for laser technology Dr. Ninoslav Ribić (011 Medical group d.o.o) recognized the possibilities and quality of the Institute “Dedinje”, as the first state institution in which the application of modern laser minimally invasive treatment of blood vessels of the extremities began.

– The department of the Clinic for Vascular Surgery, which deals with venous pathology, has been technologically qualified for laser vein surgery for the last year. During that period, 150 endoscopic mini-invasive laser procedures were performed in a commercial program, which has so far been only the privilege of private clinics. Due to the interest, the number of these mini-invasive procedures would have been much higher, if the pandemic had not done its thing and crystallized “more than enough”. This program of laser vein operations is very important for the Institute and the possibility arose for “Dedinje” to start a school of mini-invasive laser treatment of blood vessels – said the director of the “Dedinje” Institute, Prof. Dr. Milovan Bojić.

The doyen of vascular surgery at the “Dedinje” Institute, Prof. Dr. Dragoslav Nenezić, emphasized the importance of this Dedinje school for both doctors and patients, because, as he says, varicose vein disease is not negligible.

– It can be uncomplicated in itself, but in some later years, varicose vein disease can be a serious contraindication for some surgical intervention, due to the high probability of getting thrombosis. That is why treatment with laser techniques is the most comfortable preventive procedure for preventing thrombotic complications in patients who will be treated for all kinds of diseases – said Prof. Dr. Nenezic.

– I would like to thank everyone who made possible and recognized the possibility and importance of our house in the application of laser technology in the treatment of diseased veins at our Institute. I would especially like to thank Mr. Mark Richley, who has shown us great trust, confirming with this certificate the exceptionality of our house and our doctors. This certificate is a confirmation of our exceptional cooperation, from which our patients will benefit the most. We believe that this certificate will open the possibility for us to become an important international training center for additional, education of young doctors – says doc. Dr. Predrag Matic, vascular surgeon.

Director of the Institute prof. Dr. Milovan Bojić pointed out that he hopes that in the coming period a certain number of laser procedures for the treatment of varicose veins will be included in the services covered by the Republic Health Fund.