After the ceremonial opening on Friday, March 11, the first operation was performed today in the new operating room “Dedinja 2”. At the Institute’s Clinic for Vascular Surgery, a surgical intervention was performed to remove atherosclerotic plaque on the arteries that lead blood to the brain, which leads to ischemic stroke. The operation was performed by the doyen of Serbian surgery, Prof. Dr. Božina Radević, who, among other things, performed the first liver transplant in Serbia in 1995, at the Dedinje Institute, whose patients still live their new lives after 27 years. A special symbolism is the fact that the legend of Serbian surgery, Prof. Radević was assisted by the youngest specialist, surgeon Dr. Mihailo Nešković, grandson of the founder of the Clinic at the time, and today of the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Dedinje”, prof. Dr. Mihailo Vucinic. Also, the anesthesia at the first operation in the new building of the Institute was led by the doyens of Serbian anesthesiology, Prof. dr Boško Radomir and prof. Dr. Miomir Jovic.

-In this way, we wanted to symbolically represent the logical change of generations. Cardiovascular medicine requires that young surgeons, who will one day take over the profession, grow up with the most experienced and best doctors. The operation was completely routine, the patient feels well and is recovering in intensive care. In two days, he should leave the Institute and return to his daily activities – said Prof. Dr. Nenad Ilijevski, director of the Dedinje Clinic for Vascular Surgery, added that it was a surgical procedure for which the clinic is known, and which will soon perform the twenty thousandth operation of its kind, so it is logical that the carotid procedure was chosen. as a procedure to mark the start of work in the new building.