Work at the Department

The Department of Non-Invasive Radiological Diagnostics is part of the Service for Invasive and Interventional Cardiovascular Diagnostics. The work is performed during two shifts from 08:00 – 14:00 and 14:00 – 20:00 and, if necessary, service outside working hours – at night, on weekends and public holidays. The doctors of the CT diagnostics service work in such a way that there is at least one specialist doctor and one X-ray technician in the shift.
Outside working hours, on weekends and public holidays, standby is organized where, on call, standby staff come to the IKVBD as soon as possible.

List of employed doctors:
Dr. Želimir Antonić, radiology specialist, head of department
Jelena Kljajević, PhD, specialist in radiology,
dr Tijana Rošul, specialist in radiology,
Dr. Milena Pualić, radiology specialist
Dr. Milica Brković, radiology specialist
Dr. Jovana Lazarević, radiology specialist
Jelena Cakić, PhD, clinical doctor
Dr. Gordana Stamenković, clinical doctor

List of procedures

  • X-ray examinations – only in hospitalized patients
  • MDCT examination (outpatient and inpatients):
  • Angiography:
    • Arcography – imaging of the supraaortic arteries with the arteries of the base of the brain
    • Selective angiographies of all regions
    • Aortoarteriography – imaging of the abdominal aorta with the arteries of the lower extremities
    • Panaortoarteriography – recording of the thoracic and abdominal aorta with the arteries of the lower ones
    • Pulmonary veins – anatomy of the pulmonary veins for the needs of the electrophysiology service
    • AV fistulography – recording of arteriovenous and other fistulas and all pathological ones of vascular communication
  • Heart:
    • Agatston score
    • Arterial and venous blood vessels of the heart.
    • Anatomy of the heart cavities.
    • Relationship of the heart and large blood vessels with the surrounding structures.
  • Body:
    • Chest with and / or without contrast medium.
    • Abdomen and small pelvis with and / or without contrast medium.
    • Head:
    • Examination of the endocranium with and / or without contrast medium.

Instructions for patients

General information:

Before planning a CT diagnosis, the patient is prepared at the ward where he is being treated, the outpatient clinic or the competent health center.
Contrast-enhanced CT examination requires the use of iodine contrast agent applied to the patient’s venous circulation through the venous cannulas, most often placed in the veins of the arms (elbow or back). The total amount of contrast agent varies from 50-120 ml, depending on the type of examination, constitution and weight of the patient. Patients prone to allergies should be given antiallergic preparation. In patients allergic to iodine, it is necessary to consult an allergist and decide on the need for allergological testing. In patients with renal insufficiency, it is necessary to bring the values ​​of urea and creatinine (not older than two weeks). In case of elevated values, a consultation and written permission for recording from a competent nephrologist is necessary. Patients suffering from diabetes who are on metformin-based therapy should discontinue therapy 48 hours before and after the scheduled examination. MDCT coronary angiography is performed in synchronization with the patient’s ECG. Ideally, the heart rate should be less than 60 / min, in a sinus rhythm. Therefore, prior cardiac preparation of the patient is required in terms of giving beta blockers and nitroglycerin in order to achieve the desired heart rate and dilate blood vessels. At least four hours before the examination, the patient must not eat or drink caffeinated beverages, energy drinks, green and black tea …

Opening hours:8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Required documentation:

Appropriate certified instructions of the chosen doctor, findings of the doctor who indicated the examination, laboratory findings (urea, creatinine), as well as all medical documentation relevant to the indicated examination (previous discharge lists, findings of previous CT examinations, etc …)

Outpatient unit

Outpatient CT examinations are performed exclusively after examinations in the outpatient clinics of IKVB Dedinje (cardiac, cardiac surgery and vascular outpatient clinics) and appropriate indications of a specialist doctor employed at the institute, on the basis of which the chosen doctor issues instructions for examinations. Outpatient examinations are performed within the first shift (08: 00-14: 00)at a pre-scheduled time on the phone number011 3601 733. Upon arrival at the outpatient examination, it is necessary that the patient submits the appropriate certified instructions of the chosen doctor, indicated examination, laboratory findings (urea, creatinine), as well as all medical documentation relevant to the indicated examination (previous discharge lists, findings of previous CT examinations, etc …) from 12-14 hours on tel: 011 3601 732.

Contact details


  • 011 3601 733
  • 011 3601 732