In the presence of numerous guests and employees, the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Dedinje” celebrated its baptismal feast – the Meeting of the Lord. The feast cake was cut by His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Porphyry with his archpriests and deacons. The host of the solemn ceremony was prof. Dr. Milovan Bojić, Director of the Institute.

Addressing the audience on this great spiritual holiday of this institution and all Orthodox Christians, Patriarch Porphyry reminded that it was at the Meeting that man in the person of Christ had the opportunity to know all dimensions of man’s personality and the secret of spiritual life.

-You as doctors, know best that man is a wave nature, which is faced with various challenges related to body health, and I am sure that in the face of the disease, perhaps illogical, without the ability to understand and explain, you feel that there is one other, elusive thread, one other dimension in each person, and that is actually the spiritual aspect of our existence. Man’s inner life, his spiritual dimension, is inextricably linked with the physical and can rarely be deciphered when a physical defect in a person has caused some internal spiritual disorder or vice versa. In any case, the fact that we celebrate the Meeting in this institution may, unconsciously and subconsciously, reveal this very truth and our common knowledge that we need skills and knowledge to treat heart diseases in this institution. The heart is the center of human life and human being, in the spiritual and physical sense. The heart is the center of all psychosomatic capacities that a person carries within himself. It is a space in which we meet God, ourselves, and each other – said the Patriarch and addressing the doctors added:

-The fact that you are dealing with the physical, reveals much safer and firmer ways in the knowledge that there is also that elusive spiritual dimension that we often cannot understand or explain. The only thing we know is that she is – said the Patriarch of Porphyry, congratulating the hosts.

-I wish you that your skills are constantly growing and improving, but also that your spiritual inner heart is strong and strong, that it opens visions and perspectives that will be supportive, but also the designer of those skills that you help people with. We are especially looking forward to, God willing, soon all of us participating together in the opening of the new building of this hospital, which will surely be a joy for you, but also for the benefit of all our people. Happy glory, they have lived for many years – said the Patriarch of Porphyry.

On behalf of the employees and those who are treated at the Institute, distinguished and dear guests, addressed the director of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Milovan Bojić warmly thanked His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Mr. Porphyry, who set aside his precious time for this ceremony.

-The Dedinje Institute traditionally celebrates the Ascension of the Lord as a glory when, 40 days after the birth of Christ, the Blessed Virgin brought a divine child into the temple in Jerusalem to dedicate it to God and, as old books and legends say, for the girls in the temple in Jerusalem, and the wise old man Simeon, holding the Messiah in his arms, said: “This one lies to bring down and raise up many in Israel and be a sign against whom he will speak.” Thus he announced to the Jerusalem the arrival of the Long-awaited One. Of course, the emperor and the people did not like it, because he thought that a new emperor was being born, he rushed to kill Jesus, but the angels of God took the divine family to safety – said prof. Bojić reminding those present that the day of the Ascension of the Lord has been celebrated from the very beginning.

-Dear friends, it is said that summer and winter merge at the Meeting of the Lord. But, Your Holiness, we would not skip this spring. This spring regenerates, ennobles, makes us happy and joyful. Joy only makes sense if it is shared with someone, and that is why we are overjoyed to be able to share this joy around the opening of “Dedinja 2” with all of you. That spring of ours, our “Dedinje 2” has been long awaited. The talented poet would say: “It’s winter, it’s cold, you see, I’m giving you a hand, but remember, our spring is born through winter’s labor pains.” Indeed, through difficult labor pains, we got “Dedinje 2”. We have been waiting for him for more than a quarter of a century. The generation of doctors and health workers, to whom I belong, finally got bored of this dream. Of course, it would not have been possible without the great investment momentum of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, led by the then Prime Minister, today’s President. The cornerstone for “Dedinje 2” was laid by President Vučić and the blessed Patriarch Irinej, a man of special voice, melody and warmth. “Dedinje 2” has sprouted, it will soon open its doors to patients, so our joy is immeasurable – said prof. Bojic.

-Your Holiness, you are in an institution whose doctors and medical workers work miracles, knowing that diseases exist in books, and in life – patients. You are among the people for whom the patient is a saint, a saint because of whom our profession exists and which we will constantly improve. We have done it so far, we will do it in the future, and in “Dedinje 2” we will treat and cure even more people, returning them to society, state, economy, defense of the country, and all for the good of our people and beautiful Serbia – he said in the end solemn ceremonies of prof. Bojic.